Go Strategy Game 围棋 (SPM 108)
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Go 围棋 was used in ancient China as a standard military equipment for planning battles. When comparing to today’s online war games, Go 围棋 looks extremely simple but yet it can give hours of playing fun and strategy planning at the highest level.

Often mistaken with the game Reversi or Othello, Go 围棋 is much for a chess player type of game. Easy to learn but takes time to master.

This game can be played by beginners (on a 9 X 9 grid) as well as experts (on a 19 X 19 grid) because of a large playing board supplied.

SAHIBBA® is no doubt a great tool to increase one’s vocabulary bank whilst improve spelling too.

Suitable for ages 7 years old & above.

What's in the box

1x playing board
1x set of black and white seeds
1x instruction manual

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